The insight that motivates PolyScopy - and also results from it - is that a simple and natural update of the way we handle information and knowledge can bring us back on track
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 Here's the bus story in a nutshell: The informing / knowledge work we have has been created for a different purpose (SOCIALIZATION - think of a candlelit dinner, and not COMMUNICATION - think of showing the way) and for different technology (pen and paper, and the printing press). Hence inheriting it inadvertently instead of DESIGNING a suitable thing (to suit the intended purpose, the capabilities of the technology, and the knowledge of the principles underlying 'illumination') would be very much like adopting a pair of candles to serve as headlights in a modern bus. PolyScopy then is the design prototype of a light bulb. Another way to say the same thing (see the SUSTAINABILITY map) is to see our informing as supporting the homo ludens devolution, and PolyScopy as the key step toward re-evolution.
 We can create breakthroughs on all three frontiers through SYNERGY that is now latent...
 What might correspond to witch trials?
 What might play the role of Copernicus?
 What about the Humanism and the Renaissance?
 What might be the next Industrial Revolution?
 The compulsive gamer metaphor points to the meaning of 'homo ludens'
 Object orientation <--> Simula *** chaos in the early days of computing
 Design information structuring; design social processes that organize knowledge; foster understanding that orients knowledge work; recreate the 'algorithm'
 5. Design abstraction
 KEY INSIGHT: There is something that we the people need to receive from cybernetics / systems sciences; and from sociology etc. It can be shown, case by case, that THIS is not working - in the 'flat world' it's the basic insights that usually DON'T get communicated...And so all the immense work - all the conferences, journals... end up adding up to, well,...?
 The chaos that developed in the early years of computing around software projects, which led to the development of programming languages and methodologies, is closely similar to information overload, regarding both causes and effects.
 Abstraction is of course what is needed to turn complicatedness into simplicity. PolyScopy introduces three kinds of abstraction.
 Free-walking elephants
 An academic reality show
 The Scientist is Present
 The first Amigos PolyScopy dialog
  Rebuilding the TOWER OF BABEL (by reversing the process by which it was destroyed)